It is over

We have forgotten our Ancients Ones

Thousands and Thousands years of history

Millions, and millions of  human minds that labored their their entire lifetimes to uncover the hidden patterns at work in Nature

It is time to be awaken  

It Is time to bring justice to the world

Time again to flow with the rhythm of the universe

Time to find universal codes that can connect different civilizations, to share a common language

Universal Codes

7 were the rules of  the Kybalion

0 is the equation of The Kybalion

There are things above us and there are understandings that we must renew

It is time to be connected to the divine, to the archaic, to a global integral vision

This is not religion

But, rather a call for what came before

We need to create and adore what we are

Humanity must become a deep, real, new, old energy – Indeed we have done it before.