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I come from Chile. I live in New York.

2 different continents. 2 different cultures and 2 different languages.

My signature is PAZ, which means HARMONY.

Since the begining of my career as a painter, the topic of my internal question has been, what is indeed our existence?. Human being tries to live according to the opposites. The opposites creates the new existence, from the opposites alchemy is born. Justice and harmony is the main topic of human being. Harmony is the result of a contradiction. PAZ is a definition of harmony. Poetry is the daughter of the Alchemy.
The result of a contradiction, is the 0. The beginning of the unknown.

All of my exhibitions, from 2008 to now have been about the rules of The Kybalion, the hermetic book written by the ancient Egyptians. That book used to have the 7 rules Of The hermetic existence. Rhythm, polarity, vibration, contradiction, what happens up happens down, all is mind and genre. If you closely think about those rules, indeed the soul of every number is the 0. As a metaphor, during 2013 i took a picture of the walls of the subway of New York. The subway did look old, oxyd. And the painting i made inspired from those walls showed like the same movement of the universe.

Then on, and very admired by that reflect of the universe and the underground and the math equation indeed +-. That equation has indeed the 0 sign. So, during my trip to China on 2013 i was totally admired by the complexity of their zero sign.The most complex sign of their numbers.

I didn’t know Chinese, but i could recognize that sign and i kept it in my mind as a treasure.The design of the Chinese Zero clearly represents how fascinating and complex are the things we cannot describe, the huge world of movements, rhythms and connections that the universe has. Also the Chinese character Zero, has indeed as a cross. The same cross of Christ, which is, indeed, the year 0 of our west civilization.

Zero is the beginning of the acceptance that as humans we are much more than the concepts we create. We are much more than experience. There is an unknown world beyond us that allows us to connect with the universe.This universal Chinese sign, one of the more complex numbers, allowed me to testify there is something that connects theIr world no matter where you are, which language do you speak or any label you have. Divinity and the enormous value of being is the essence of creation.

At the end, no matter where we are, which country are we from.
There is a universal language. As human, no matter where we are, which language do we speak, we are souls.
This exhibition invites the people to appreciate the different movements of the unknown of art. Paintings that were made in perfect composition, paintings that rests in poetry, paintings that have one soul.
This exhibition is the trip of the Zero. Without division. The universal language.